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This tutorial guides you on how to get paid at Grindery. The Grindery payment platform combines the strength of multiple technologies to produce a seamless, fully integrated and decentralized payments process for DAO to user, user to user, DAO to DAO or any combination where a contractual relationship exists that requires a payment. With this, members of a DAO can set up contracts, submit payment requests, review requests made by others, get contracts and requests approved, sign in Gnosis Safe, receive crypto payment and off-ramp to fiat. 


Before reading this tutorial, you need to: 
Have MetaMask installed on your browser and must have created a wallet address. If you need help with that, we’ve got you covered; click here  to read our guide on setting up MetaMask. 

gWork profile setup 

To create a gWork user account, navigate to . Then, click on  Connect with MetaMask.  Afterwards, click  User  at the top right-hand corner and select Edit Account. Add your full name and Slack username,  Submit . 
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Contract creation and approval 

Once your profile is set up, click on Contracts and the plus (+) sign. This opens a new page where you can create a contract. On this page, you can select your client i.e. the DAO you are establishing the contract with, and add other details like contract title, start and end dates, hourly rate, fixed monthly rate and others. Under the detail section, you can add more information about the contract. Thereafter, you can submit your contract and wait for your DAO to approve the contract. 
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Payment request creation 

After contract approval, you can request payment at any time. To do this, click on  Payment Requests  and the plus (+) sign, add the details of the payment and submit. Again, you need to wait for your DAO to approve the payment request. 
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Public review 

But while you wait, you can review all contracts and payment requests created by other members of your DAO. This peer review process makes everything transparent and helps during the approval of payment requests. Depending on what’s obtainable at your DAO, you can comment on each request, commend where necessary and flag any wrong request you notice. 
Afterwards, the payment request is approved and triggered by an internal control model that leverages the Gnosis Safe governance rules. You do not need to worry about this process as a freelancer as it’s entirely done by the admins. However, you can learn about the process here . 

Receive payment and off-ramp to fiat 

Finally, you will receive the crypto amount approved and paid into your wallet address and can off-ramp it to fiat. You need an exchange account to change your crypto to fiat. Meanwhile, your choice of crypto exchange largely depends on your jurisdiction and what is available to you. A few options are listed below, visit the links to learn how to transfer crypto from MetaMask to the respective exchanges. 
Check out this guide  to learn more about how to get paid in crypto and off-ramp crypto to fiat. 
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