Grindery Payment Policy  

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The primary aim of Grindery Payment Policy ​​is to attract, retain, and motivate talented individuals the company needs to achieve its strategic and operational objectives. This allows everyone to find a space where they can contribute best. The work is appreciated, measured accurately, and rewarded accordingly. In addition, we know it's easier to agree on what  was  useful than what  will be  useful. Therefore, when someone does useful work that’s not initially in the contract, they need to be compensated. 

Objectives of Grindery Payment Policy 

This payment policy seeks to achieve the following objectives: 
To ensure that our payment practices support and encourage creation of value 
To establish a strong link between payment requests and performance outcomes. 
To ensure that our payment practices align with Grindery Culture and Practices.  

The key policies 

Request to get paid for a work that meets the requirement of an existing contract or agreement. 
Request to get paid for a task assigned to you by a member of the Grindery leadership team, even if not in an existing contract. 
We encourage you to take on new ideas and initiatives. However, ensure you seek approval before working on such an initiative. 
In a nutshell, do not add a payment request for a task that’s not in your contract agreement unless you are assigned such task spontaneously or you have gotten approval to work on it. 
For MTR only:  The maximum amount you can request for (1) above is $500. Any additional amount can only be requested based on (2) or (3) . 
Do not bill for items not associated with a specific outcome or request. 
Do not bill for meetings done in the shared interest of other companies unless pre-approved. 
Do not lump your payment request report. Break it down while keeping it simple and straight to the point. 
For example: 
I worked on Grindery Academy  -  Weak 
I created Course 101 and crypto literacy tutorial for Grindery Academy  -  Good 
Track your time! 
Submit payment requests on time to avoid delay in payments.  
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