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DAO Template Jamiu 

How many hours have you worked on Grindery this month and on what? 
52  hours. I created  CDS document for developers , improved the  Grindery Habits and Best Practices on Collaboration doc , created  documentation for Flow chain CDS , improved  Grindery Integration Options doc , created a  guide for Grindery DAO1 onboarding , created a  roadmap and theory of action  for Grindery Academy, produced the  planning deck for Knowledge Management  (operations), created  doc for Nexus supported blockchains , and supported fellow ‘grinders’ to get fully set for crypto payment. 
How has your work contributed to advancing on the roadmap for Grindery and specifically other teams? 
My documentation support for the Product team helped in making the final delivery for the Flow grant and allows third-party developers to create CDS independently. Through the Habits doc, teams are getting more productive and achieving more in less time. My onboarding guide has helped a few to get set up for crypto payment and we are on track to winning our first DAO by end of the week. 
What will you work on in the coming month and how will this contribute to achieving our Milestone 2 (10 DAOs). 
I will support the team in building a comprehensive DAO1 case study to serve as a reference in our bid to hitting 10 DAOs. I will provide the product team with the necessary documentation relating to developer guide, product launch, grant delivery, etc. I will support all team members in getting more knowledge about web3 by compiling/producing training materials. 
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