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J aime Barroso August 2022  

How many hours have you worked on Grindery this month and on what? 
I have spent around 10h on identifying data sources containing relevant information for Grindery, like Nexus/Ping apps and HubSpot, connecting these sources through Segment to Google BigQuery to have them stored all together as a data warehouse, and started creating reports and dashboards. I have identified some data gaps we will need to solve. 
How has your work contributed to advancing on the roadmap for Grindery and specifically other teams? 
Through storing and processing data generated by Grindery, we will be able to start collecting reliable metrics that will allow us to make decisions and provide evidence for fundraising. 
What will you work on in the coming month and how will this contribute to achieving our Milestone 2 (10 DAOs). 
My focus will be on having conversations with other team members to identify reporting needs, analyze possible data gaps solutions, and add all this information to the reports and dashboards in order to provide Grindery with a way to track progress. 
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