Connect Ping to your wallet(s) 

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For now, MetaMask doesn’t notify you when you receive a token into your wallet. This raises an important question. 
How do I get notified when a token enters my wallet? 
The answer to that is  Ping ! Ping  by Grindery is a tool that sends you a browser notification when a token is deposited to any of your wallets on any blockchain. It’s easy, seamless and completely free. Go to  and click  Connect Wallet . Then, sign the Signature Request on MetaMask. 
Check the top of your browser, you should see a message:  Your browser notifications seem to be activated.  Click here to test .   Do that to get ‘ Pinged ’ and confirm everything is working!!! 
Thereafter, turn on notification for the wallet address as shown in the figure below. You can also add more wallet addresses and decide whether to turn on or off notification for any of the wallets. 

Image 1  


I didn’t get any notification after clicking the “ Click here to test ” button. 
You need to enable browser notifications on your operating system.  
On macOS: Select  Apple  menu >  System Preferences  >  Notifications & Focus.  Then, select the browser from the list of apps on the side bar and turn on notifications. 
On Windows OS:  Select  Start  >  Settings  >  System  >  Notifications & actions.  Then, select the browser from the apps shown on the side bar and turn on notifications.  
I have turned on my notification but still don’t get any notification 
It could be due to the configuration of your system notifications. On macOS, go to  Apple  menu >  System Preferences  >  Notifications & Focus  and select the browser from the list of apps. At the bottom of the page, choose your preferred preview option and check the boxes depending on what you want. 
As in macOS, you can also choose when you want to see notifications and how you want it to appear in Windows OS. Read more here .  
Image 2  
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