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Tim Delhaes August 2022 

How many hours have you worked on Grindery this month and on what? 
I have spent roughly 200h on organizing planning sessions, produced budgets and plans for operations and product, supported other people and team in their planning and executions, supported the implementation of DAO1 (Milestone 1) and active reached out to over twenty individuals and groups to get introductions to DAOs for our (Milestone 2). Furthermore I have screen +-100 developers and identified three new candidates and one of them started working full time. 
How has your work contributed to advancing on the roadmap for Grindery and specifically other teams? 
Through supporting other team members we have been able to build budgets, release the ping app and launch DAO1. We have started to develop our first payment prototype, the product team has delivered and collected the Algorand grant. We are in the position to receive and implement workflows for DAOs. 
What will you work on in the coming month and how will this contribute to achieving our Milestone 2 (10 DAOs). 
My focus will be on winning and implementing 10 DAO customers by producing the DAO1 case study and getting direct introductions. I will support the product team to launch Grindery including gas payments into public beta and construct a DePay prototype. FInally I will support the marketing and sales to get off the ground do hit Milestone 3 (100 DAOs by end of year) and work with the fundraising team to secure investments and grants that reasonably reduce financial risk of the project. 
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