DAO Constitution 

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To manage contracts and pay all Grindery team members and subcontractors with utmost transparency and decentralization leveraging web3 technologies. 


Use Grindery Work (gWork), Grindery Nexus, Zapier, Gnosis Safe, Xero, Binance Custody, and Slack for contract setup, payment requests, collective review, secure payment, and reporting. Payment will be made in USDC on Ethereum. This documentation is maintained and published using Google Docs and Kbee. 


Governors are Gnosis Safe owners that approve all payments in the DAO. Every DAO has an internal control model that leverages Gnosis Safe governance rules. This allows the DAO to define a list of owners/signers and the minimum number of signatures required to execute a transaction. Payments are only released when the minimum requirement is met. 

Full list of Grindery DAO governors 

Grindery DAO has six governors as follows: 


Slack ID

Role at Grindery

Tim Delhaes



Gary Beebe



Christian Geissendoerfer



Marc Dangeard

@Marc Dangeard

Business Development

Thinh Porrmann

@Thinh Porrmann


Lital Barkan




DAO Members 

All freelancers getting paid by the Grindery DAO or its sub-DAOs like ILI, ILIDE, and MTR are members of the Grindery DAO. 


A member is anyone who participates in the DAO either through direct contract engagement with the DAO or sub-DAO. 
An admin or governor is any participant who has the ability to sign/approve payments in the DAO as defined by the DAO’s Gnosis Safe governance rules. 
All DAO members who have worked for any period during the month shall submit payment requests via gWork. 
Members submitting payment requests shall add details of what they worked on during the month. 
Every member shall review payment requests submitted by others before DAO governors can start the approval process. 
A transaction shall only be executed when at least 3 of 5 governors have signed it in Gnosis Safe. 
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