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As you may already know, the Grindery payment platform combines the strength of multiple technologies to produce a seamless, fully integrated and decentralized payments process for DAO to user, user to user, DAO to DAO or any combination where a contractual relationship exists that requires a payment. With this, members of a DAO can set up contracts, submit payment requests, review requests made by others, get contracts and requests approved, sign in Gnosis, receive crypto payment and off-ramp to fiat. 
In this tutorial, you will become acquainted with the steps to follow and manage contracts and payments via Grindery Work (gWork). 

Create gWork DAO account 

To create a DAO account in gWork, navigate to . Then, click on  Connect with MetaMask.  Afterwards, click  User  at the top right-hand corner and select  Create company . Add the necessary details including your company name, company type, company structure etc. Afterwards, click  Submit . 
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Approve Contract(s) 

Now that you have created an account, your freelancers and sub-DAOs can send their contracts for you to approve. On your company dashboard, navigate to the lefthand menu and click  Contracts .  
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The contract list appears appears, click on each contract to review the details. Then, click on  APPROVE  once you are comfortable. 
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Public Review 

Join your freelancers to review all contracts and payment requests created by your DAO members. This process makes everything transparent. Depending on what’s obtainable at your DAO, you can comment on each request, commend where necessary and flag any wrong request you notice. 

Approve Payment Requests 

On your company dashboard, navigate to the lefthand menu and click  Payment Requests .   Then, r eview the details of each payment request. 
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Once you are done with reviewing the a request, you can approve it or request adjustment as shown in the figure below. 
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Sign in Gnosis Safe 

Every DAO has an internal control model that leverages Gnosis Safe governance rules. As a DAO, Gnosis Safe allows you to define a list of owners/signers and the minimum number of signatures required to execute a transaction. Payments are only released when the minimum requirement is met. You can click   to learn how to set up Gnosis Safe. 
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