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How many hours have you worked on Grindery this month and on what? 
Approximate hours used to work on Grindery: 50.22 
Maintain and register new Apps and sites used by the team. Including gSuite, HubSpot, Zoom, etc…recurring tasks. 
Collaboration with the team to resolve issues with products to be released. 
Offer services support, account management, onboarding for team members. 
Oversee and Manage Discord, Slack, emails and other communication methods for new prospects, help requests, information and keep the community running. This includes relaying new investors and job seekers to the appropriate channels and answering questions. 
Concentrate on the technical aspects and automation for engaging new clients along with the team of Community and Marketing ( M. Emory, Leonardo Iker and Marc D.) 
How has your work contributed to advancing on the roadmap for Grindery and specifically other teams? 
My job is to get technical requests resolved. Especially the technical aspects so the team has no blockers from the software or hardware side. Example: Setting up new Zoom accounts or modify Zapier’s Zaps ordering for a much efficient and easier to order way. 
Other contributions were suggesting new ideas for automation, marketing, etc. with possible new clients. Like Hemp Dao. 
Also reviews of products that are being worked on. Like improvements, functionality, issues, etc… 
What will you work on in the coming month and how will this contribute to achieving our Milestone 2 (10 DAOs). 
Continue my contributions to maintain our systems and apps in workable shape to avoid downtime and blockers for the team. 
Continue working with the teams of DAO sales and prospecting and automation to build the basis of contacting and building relationships with leads. 
Also supporting the marketing team to reach the goals as defined by our master plan. 
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