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Grindery DAO is Grindery’s own decentralized autonomous organization that has all Grindery employees and multiple sub-DAOs as members. The DAO has a transparent payment system that combines the strength of multiple technologies to produce a seamless, fully integrated, and decentralized payments process for DAO to user, user to user, DAO to sub-DAO, or any combination where a contractual relationship requires a payment. 
In this Wiki, you will find a general overview, specific instructions, supporting training material, and the technical setup guide. 

Getting started 

This Wiki is intended for  Grindery team members, subcontractors,  and the  general public  with an interest in DAOs and DAO administrators willing to replicate this or similar processes. It will help you leverage the capabilities of web3 technologies to improve traditional payout processes. 
Below are links to the necessary resources to help you get started with setting up your own DAO: 
A general background on Grindery DAO, participants, and how it works. 
The constitution governing Grindery DAO. 
The processes, including payment and information flow. 
T he system architecture  and user data flow. 
Summary of lessons, problems encountered, new features discovered, and improvements to be made for the DAO2 setup. 
The following tutorials are also critical for DAO members and administrators: 
Understand how to get paid via Grindery Work (gWork).  
Understand how to manage contracts and payments via gWork.  
Learn how to receive wallet deposit notification 
Learn how to get set up for crypto payment. 
For help, inquiries, or suggestions, get in touch with us on Discord . 

About Grindery 

Grindery  is an open-source,   early-stage  BinanceLabs S4 project with funding from Near, Algorand, Flow, Cronos, and Harmony. We built Grindery  Nexus , a “middleware for web3” ( or call it the  Zapier for web3 ) that can interact with smart contracts and web2 APIs. Grindery has several “legacy” products like gWork, a platform that empowers DAOs to manage contracts and payment requests from users, sub-DAOs, and other DAOs. 
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